Program Outcomes

The 60-credit Bachelor of Professional Studies in Organizational Leadership and Communication provides the practical and professional skills you need to be an effective leader in a variety of organizations.

Following extensive research into the needs and desires of potential adult learners and employers, we built a rigorous curriculum specifically to teach the knowledge, intellectual skills, and habits of mind that will position you to succeed in the 21st-century workplace.


This program focuses on communication, business, information literacy, and leadership, with an emphasis on using these skills in the real world.

As an adult learner in this program, you will:

  • Develop strong communication, collaboration, and leadership skills to apply in the workplace and community.
  • Solve problems effectively and ethically.
  • Improve your writing and speaking abilities.
  • Learn to analyze data for effective decision making.

Benefits of the Degree

Graduates of this program enjoy:

  • Professional advancement. It pays to get an education. Studies consistently show that people who have a bachelor’s degree earn more and are more likely to stay employed than those without a bachelor’s degree.
  • Personal satisfaction. Success feels good! Achieving a major life goal such as earning your undergraduate degree is a valuable source of self-esteem and sets a great example for the people you care about most.
  • Increased adaptability. Employers need leaders who can adapt to change. Professionals who can transfer knowledge and skills from one setting to another are in high demand. Employers also want employees who have information literacy, multicultural competence, and the ability to navigate change with intelligence and professionalism.

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