Meet Our Distinguished Faculty

Our program’s faculty is one of its greatest strengths. All courses in this online program are developed and taught by faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire—the same faculty who teach our on-campus courses.

D’Arcy Becker

Accounting and Finance professor

My teaching interests include financial accounting, auditing, and fraud investigation; my research interests include intrinsic motivation, auditor’s decision making, student ethics, and IFRS. I am a Certified Public Accountant, Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (1994-present).

Keri Bodensteiner

Rhetoric and Public Address professor

My academic specialties include: rhetoric, public address, rhetoric of women’s rights, rhetorical theory, community building, leadership, communication theory, political communication, and gender studies.

Melissa Bonstead-Bruns

Sociology professor

My areas of interest include the impact of service-learning on student learning and civic engagement; service-learning as a tool for accomplishing the goals of the First-Year Experience course; and assessment of the effectiveness of traditional versus nontraditional semester projects in promoting student interest and learning. Other research interests include gender and work, particularly as they... [Read More]

Rodolpho G. Buiser

Biology professor

My research interests include HIV replication, specifically the roles of reverse transcriptase and integrase.

Oscar B. Chamberlain

My areas of special interest include U.S. Constitutional History and Antebellum United States. I am the director of “Making Americans, Making America: Community, Citizenship, and the Constitution” a program funded by a Teaching American History grant from the U.S. Department of Education. It is a partnership between eight Cooperative Educational Service Agency districts, the University... [Read More]

Maria DaCosta

Economics professor

My areas of research interest include China’s economic reform, and East and Southeast Asian economic development.

Martha J. Fay

Communication professor

My primary teaching and research interests focus on how interpersonal communication functions to achieve organizational goals, and includes such areas as informal communication, leadership, and identity/identification processes. I am currently working on projects related to remote workers, organizational identification, transformational leadership and conflict, and family communication patterns. Having worked professionally in business management, marketing communication,... [Read More]

Sheril Gilberstadt

Accounting professor

My teaching interests include accounting principles. I am a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Minnesota, and licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Robert A. Greene

Philosophy and Religious Studies professor

My research interests include Aristotle, the philosophy and psychology of language, and second-language acquisition. I am currently working on several manuscripts in these fields that I hope to publish.

Mary F. Hoffman

Organizational Communication professor

My goal as a teacher and researcher is to help improve lives through communication. How we interact with friends, family, and coworkers, and how we participate as citizens, as well as producers and consumers of mediated messages have a daily impact on our quality of life. My recent research has focused on how organizations and... [Read More]

Larry Honl

Business Communication professor

My academic specialty is business. I teach PSB 321: Business Communication for Today’s Workforce. Previously, I was a professor of Business Communication at UW-Eau Claire. I also taught high school in North Dakota and served as assistant director of Housing at the University of North Dakota.

Jianjun Ji

Sociology and China professor

My areas of research include Chinese elderly studies, life satisfaction, demographic transition, marital quality, determinants of marital life satisfaction, and China’s population problems and policy.

Ryan Jones

Music professor

My areas of interest range from symphonic and operatic histories to American art music, jazz, and rock. My academic interests include the history of Western art music, world music, and popular music. Ryan teaches IDIS 360: The Workforce in Art, Music, and Literature.

Peter Knutson

My area of focus and research is improving organizational communication. Currently, I teach CJ 492: Analyzing and Improving Organizational Leadership and Communication.

Joline Morrison

Computer Programming and Database professor

I teach a variety of courses in computer programming and database and web development. I have written or coauthored eight textbooks on database and web programming. I like to collaborate with undergraduate students on research projects involving software and database development. I also enjoy developing websites and managing student teams in developing websites for nonprofit... [Read More]

Geoffrey D. Peterson

Political Science professor

My current research interests include a wide range of projects in political science. I was trained as an election and political behavior specialist at the University of Iowa. I find most of my research ideas come from the intersection of political science and psychology, my two undergraduate majors. One of my three fields in graduate... [Read More]

Nancy Hanson Rasmussen

Organizational Leadership professor

My teaching interests include diversity and leadership; my research interests include diversity issues, education pedagogy, and leadership studies. I am a Certified Peer Reviewer-QM, Quality Matters (2009-present).

Ann Rupnow

Marketing professor

Having started my career in the electronics industry, I later moved to higher education with a marketing and management position at the UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education Department. Currently, I teach PSB 360: Marketing and Selling Your Ideas.

Nicole Schultz

Organizational Communication professor

My areas of special interest include organizational communication, work/life balance, the Family and Medical Leave Act, managing generational differences, communication training, and women’s/feminist studies.

Christa M. Tiernan

Literary Studies professor

My areas of specialization include eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature and culture, museum studies, material culture studies, visual culture studies, writing center theory and practice, and first-year writing.

James Windsor

Management professor

My teaching interests include the areas of strategic management, introduction to management, project management, organizational behavior and quantitative methods. Areas of research include generational differences in the workplace, conflict caused by generational differences, differences between employee and managerial viewpoints of lean manufacturing, and students’ preferences in educational modes. I am also a small business owner... [Read More]